“Their unity is better for the building of God’s kingdom.”

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better together

Stumbling through friendships and trying to agree on what groceries we need. Stumbling through sacrifice, honesty, selflessness, commitment, joy, love, and empathy. Stumbling through the choice to live a marriage that resembles the marriage of Jesus and the church. We invite you to stumble with us. 

creating a welcoming home

So we bought our first home – a home that we’ve already shared so many memories in. One that grew with our friends as they went from a family of 2 to a family of 5. So now we are taking a house that belonged to some of our favorite people and turning it into our own Burgess home. A familiar space – rearranged and covered in new paint and new floors – but filled with the same sweet smiles.

big C church

Jesus calls us to live in a way that others see His love through us, so they may also be saved and reconciled to God. I mean, the bigger the eternal party the better. Check out how we are being intentional about loving our community.

What is the Bold and Burgess blog all about?

Just two young people, living every day growing together and growing in gratitude for our story of redemption and a new marriage in the midst of a pandemic. It’s as messy as it sounds.

Who told you to start a blog?

So glad you asked. Maybe you’ve heard of Bob Goff? The author of Love Does and Everybody Always? Well we talked on the phone and he told me to do this. I’m not kidding! Trust me. Or just read all about it here.

“Newlyweds during covid-19 … you’re experiencing marriage in dog years.”