my quarantine to-don’t list

Staying at home gives us a chance to catch up on the things we’ve been putting off doing. Cleaning, organizing, reconnecting, getting healthy, learning new hobbies, la de da de da. It is truly a gift to be home and to be able to have a slow season to do some of these things. Especially now that I share a home with my favorite person.

This weekend, though, I didn’t do these things. Instead, I spent some time reflecting on the Sabbath. Specifically the worries and concerns of Jesus’s followers on the Sabbath after His crucifixion. I think they probably had a lot of “what now?” thoughts and to-do lists in their heads. But remember, they were supposed to be resting! 

Sound familiar? My head has been pretty full of “what now?” thoughts and to-do lists recently. But we have been given time to rest. There is no stress in rest. So I did some brainstorming on the things I’m not going to stress about doing during this time. There are many to-dos, but that’s exhausting to think about. Some will get done; some won’t.

So here is my journey towards rest through my quarantine to-don’t list! 

  1. I don’t fold underwear – Honestly I hadn’t even thought about it until I got married. Who even knew this was a thing? I’m an outlier and love to do laundry, so I have been doing both of our laundry for weeks now, and J apparently likes his underwear folded. WHY? I will never understand. It’s important to pick your battles, so I will continue to do this for him. But I will not and do not fold my underwear, quarantine and beyond. 
  2. I don’t pluck my eyebrows  
  3. I don’t schedule zoom meetings back to back – I give myself some time to breathe and sit in silence. 
  4. I don’t watch the news – There is less bias and uncertainty to sort through when you read the news. Just my own personal belief. 
  5. I don’t complain about being home 
  6. I don’t start my day with work – Whether I wake up at 6:30 or at 8:27 right before I should be starting work, my mornings start with coffee, prayer, quiet time, and some good snuggles with Tucker. This is what’s important. 
  7. I don’t garden – This is a funny thing to me. I love plants and trees and want so badly to be able to be a plant lady. I want our house to be fully of leafy greens. A lot of my people are gardening with this free time at home and even growing their own herbs. We, on the other hand, currently have one plant holding onto its life in our sunroom. I love it, but you wouldn’t know by looking at it. My thumb is just the opposite of green. Orange I guess. (Probably from cheetos and doritos actually.) One time I actually killed an aloe plant. The guy at the floral shop didn’t even know this was possible. So I don’t garden. And it makes me sad. I did, however, create my own garden of vinyl stickers this weekend. They’re cute and they can’t die. Forever green. Do what you can, I guess. (Okay update on this… I tried it. It didn’t go well. In fact, it was exactly what you would expect. See what I mean by clicking here.)
  1. I don’t organize Tupperware 
  2. I don’t put on real clothes to walk Tucker – Pjs all day is a gift. (see my “extras” page for the only pajamas I’ve been wearing!!)
  3. I don’t try to keep up with what everyone else is doing – I truly applaud you for your workout videos and cooking videos. And that photo you posted of your before and after closet that you spent days on transforming. I really do applaud you. It’s impressive. But I can’t keep up. Last week I tried a barre at home workout. 12 minutes into the 30 minute video, I turned it off. Barre is flippin’ hard. 

What’s on your quarantine to-don’t list? Please share with us!! 

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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