a glimpse into our new normal

Two years ago during hurricane season, people up and down the east coast prepared for Florence to arrive. Let me remind you that I am a Kansas City girl. In my mind, tornadoes are nothing to freak out about, but hurricanes are what nightmares are made of. So I tried to learn from others as they began to prepare. Toilet paper aisles were emptied. Schools were closed. Bathtubs were filled with water. And people filed into banks to withdraw cash. When you know what’s coming, you know how to prepare.

I didn’t really know what was coming, so to be honest I didn’t really prepare. I emptied the shelves of battery-operated fans at CVS and bought a giant bag of Sour Patch Kids for my friends. Oh and I found my rain jacket.

There was, however, a voice of reason speaking over me 1,000 miles away. For protection from embarrassment, I won’t reveal their real name. Not that I use that name, anyway. I just call her “mom.”

She knew that I would be with friends, and I assured her that if all else failed and our house became dangerous, we could go stay at our church. This seemed to settle her nerves a bit. Or so I thought. I went back in my old texts so that I could share her advice with you in all of its glory.

“Should you get a rope in case you need to tie together in a line to walk to the church?”

Rereading that still makes me laugh so hard that tears form in my eyes. Oh the thoughts that can be stirred up by fear. Can you imagine us actually doing this? Or even better- can you imagine my friends’ faces if I suggested it?

When you know what’s coming, you know how to prepare. But how do you prepare for the unknown?

A year ago my best friend and I were driving back from Disney World. I asked her if she thought I could be married in a year. Her “oh definitely” response led me to begin preparing my heart for such a change.

Today I’m married. Learning what it means to live with a boy (which I haven’t done since I shared a jack and jill bathroom with my brother). And anxiously living in a worldwide pandemic.

Every day J and I try to prepare for another day being newlyweds in unprecedented times.

So now really try to imagine seeing a line of people tied to a rope walking down the road. You might think they are creative. You might even give it a try yourself. Or you might think they’ve lost their minds.

Truthfully, you may have those same thoughts if you could peek through our windows lately! So if you are bored, running out of ideas, recently married and losing your mind, or you simply need a good laugh and a chance to say, “well at least I haven’t lost my mind like they have” … please let me entertain you with our new normal.

Harry Potter – It’s official, we’ve become obsessed. Like dive into the history, learn the backstory of every minor character obsessed. We’ve rewatched the first six movies so far. And we are currently reading the illustrated books aloud together. These are AMAZING and totally underappreciated. (By the way, I would 12/10 recommend reading with your spouse. Normally one of us reads while the other cooks dinner, and it has created some of my favorite marriage moments.)

My wardrobe has expanded! There is no rhyme or reason to how I discovered this, but I’d like to inform you that I fit into my husband’s pants, and I may begin wearing them because the pockets are huge.

pajama top and man pants – this is me

Peonies and pine. In case you’re into smells and soaps like I am, you may find joy in my current favorite Mrs. Meyers scents. (Just saying… living with a boy can be smelly, but it doesn’t have to be!) I put links to these on my “extras” tab for you :)

Taking fitness to a whole new level. If you have tried everything and can’t seem to enjoy working out, maybe give these a go! Youtube is filled with different exercise videos. I’ve started putting it on my TV, turning the volume up loud, and it creates an instant fitness class vibe!

~Partner yoga … this was about the funniest failure of our marriage yet

~Dance workouts … specifically to Lizzo songs. I don’t know how I traveled down such a rabbit hole, but I spent about 40 minutes sweating my face of and laughing at myself. Even Tucker didn’t know what to think (see photo below). Personally, I loved the videos by “The Fitness Marshall” the most. Thankful that I did this when J wasn’t home and that I remembered to close the blinds – haha!

sweaty but smiling!

Finding space for ourselves. I think this is a biggy in all marriages, but especially in a time when we can’t step away to go to the gym or a friend’s house (or if you’re me… Target or Barnes & Noble). Being intentional about spending time apart from one another at home has ensured that the time we are together is of much greater quality. J is a big gamer, and I have been reading, blogging, and discovering new hobbies that I love. Even Tuck needs time alone. The other day I went to let him inside and he didn’t want to come in. I promise you when I say he was just laying on the back patio watching the sunrise.

my space. my blogging chair.

And sometimes, we just need a space to nap. On the days that seem like weeks, we might not even care what that space looks like. (Tucker isn’t sure if he likes sharing his spaces… and he has also claimed the couch as one of his own.)

Rummikub. Nightly walks. And lots of coffee. We’ve been fumbling and failing, but still figuring out this new normal.

my favorite fail – when J put too much water in our coffee machine and had to empty it with a straw! i love this man

Check myextras” page for links to all the goodies above!

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