our biggest news yet!!

We bought a HOME!! 

A home that we’ve already shared so many memories in. One that grew with our friends as they went from a family of 2 to a family of 5. One that the Lord has blessed in so many ways, even when His blessings didn’t make sense at the time. 

Some of our favorite people moved out of this sweet, cozy home to move into a bigger space. I pray our marriage, like our location, will follow in their footsteps! It is truly something we are so grateful for – to be able to learn from such God-fearing, life-giving friends, as they discover more about parenting and marriage every day. 


Tomorrow, we will no longer be James and Ashleigh; you can call us Chip and Joanna! :) Our first step is painting the interior and making some other quick changes before our new floors go down on Monday! We’ll be keeping you all in the loop as we work on our little list of projects- which includes making a space for each of us to grow as creators! Check back for some coffee shop vibes, art studio spaces, and the man cave for my video game streaming husband! (Probably the most entertaining streamer on twitch – watch his streams here!). His friend Elliot created an awesome logo for him – his username is thenewkingfish so it is PERFECT. Check it out below and check out some of Elliot’s hilarious, yet brilliant art videos here!

Click here to see our slow process in triple the speed. Somehow a one minute packing video is oddly satisfying!

Tucker also wants me to tell you that he is very excited for a big back yard!! Lots of new smells and sniffs and even some puppy neighbor friends!

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