a new quiet time practice

This season has allowed all of us to step back from our every day “normals” and choose to make adjustments and changes that are long overdue. For me, one of the changes I have made had been in my quiet time, when I sit down and open God’s Word every morning. For a long time this practice would look a little like this:

  • prayer
  • writing out 3 things I am grateful for from the day before
  • writing out any thoughts, concerns, or praises that are on the front of my brain
  • reading a chapter or two of the book I was currently working through
  • writing out verses that stuck out to me and reflecting on what they mean
  • writing out what the passage taught me about Jesus and what it calls me to do as a believer
  • reading a commentary to make up for the pieces of the passage I may have missed or skimmed over
  • prayer – full transparency, some days were rushed and closing this time in prayer was pushed to the side

This started to feel like a to-do list, though. It wasn’t as fruitful as it used to be. And I was longing for that feeling I used to have of being so excited to open the Word. So I switched it up.

The first three steps of my time haven’t changed, but now after my mind is clear and focused, I write out scripture – word for word – copying each book down in colored pencils. It has become a way to pray through each verse, ensure understanding, and challenge me to reflect in new ways.

At first it seemed too simple. Just writing down what has already been written. Something I already have access to. But it allows me to read slowly, which has opened my eyes to the details God cares about. Throughout creation, throughout His plans, He has given attention to and written in the smallest of details. And when we skim over the small details, we miss out on big opportunities to praise Him.

If my pace stays consistent, I will have copied down the entire Bible in about 6 years. (Lesson from experience… keep your copies off the kitchen table or you may lose your copies of Philippians and 1 John from one spilled cup of coffee!!) Currently, I am working through Ecclesiastes. I’ve added some pictures to show you what it looks like when I add doodles, my own comments, and also a daily reflection, but this practice could look a lot different for you. Spend a few minutes writing down God’s Word each day in a way that fits your style, and who knows? Maybe one day your kids or grand kids or great-great grand kids will come to know the Lord by reading your handwritten copy of the Bible.

How do you spend time alone with the Lord? Maybe through art or on prayer walks or simply reading aloud! Or do you have a special place that makes you feel closest to Jesus? Maybe a big shady tree, in the mountains, or just snuggled up in your favorite slippers! Let us know in the comments below!

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