practical dates to spice up your marriage

Am I the only one who think planning a date night is harder than like… planning a wedding?

Last week it hit us that our evenings had been so repetitive, they seemed to blend together. And truly we’ve eaten so many frozen pizzas that J has started giving his own frozen pizza reviews. So we thought, “hey the world is opening back up, let’s plan a date night.”

And the questions in my head started rolling around…

What day this week is best?

Where will we go?

How can we not spend a billion dollars?

Do we want to do something active or just go eat?

Couldn’t we just eat at home if we are going to go sit and talk over food?

Will J be too tired after work?

My head started spending. So we tried to keep it simple and just plan a dinner at an actual restaurant. Wednesday. 6 o’clock.

When hump day rolled around, we were both too tired and decided we would much prefer to get smoothies and watch a movie together at home. Not really a date. But I realized that we aren’t really a “go on a dinner date in nice clothes” type of couple. And that’s okay. If you and your boo are, that’s okay too. Comparison is silly.

Anyways, since date night didn’t really happen, I turned to google for some creative ideas to make next time more successful. Let me just say, J would actually laugh out loud at me if I suggested some of the things I found. I mean, a pottery class on a Tuesday sounds like a blast to me, but it would probably feel like a big ole punishment for J.

I started wondering if there were any practical suggestions that also spiced things up a bit. Here’s what I’ve come up with; maybe one of these ideas is just the spice your relationship needs.

For foodies who also don’t like boring-

French fry hop. Fill up on all the best. Plus you can stay in your car and keep wearing your pajamas if you want! Click here for a cheat sheet so you don’t have to do all the research and planning!

Drinks and apps at one place (preferably happy hour), dinner at another (or just split one entree!), and a more intimate desert in the car. May I suggest Cold Stone or DQ ice cream?

Sushi. Not a dating memory, but my parents (and sometimes Nate) and I used to do sushi mondays. Always happy hour. And it always made Mondays seem happier!

Bonus if you can order a sushi boat!!!

For the active couple-

Pickle ball or tennis. These sports can be competitive or similar to “playing catch” depending on what intensity and talent you bring to the court. Also a fun double date idea!

Find a disc golf course. They seem to be hiding everywhere and you don’t have to be any good to have fun.

Couples yoga. Don’t do it in public, that’s weird. But just trust me on this one and laugh hysterically all night.

When you want something romantic or simple-

Trader Joe’s flowers and snack trip. So easy. So silly. So fun. Even if your closest TJs is an hour away, it is such a joyful time together. Flowers for ladies to get googly eyes over and all the hot sauce and seasoning in the world to make guys drool. Win win.

Goodwill trips! Seriously so fun, especially if you can turn your finds into projects together. While I was looking for house decor this weekend, J had the best find of all- $2 Rook!

Speaking of games… if you’re lucky enough to have a game board cafe near you, go together. Every week. Twice a week. Seriously it’s fun every time!

Just a reminder, though, to have grace with yourselves on those nights when you maybe planned to go out, then chose to just stay in. And if the “typical” idea of a date doesn’t sound appealing to you and your partner, don’t try to be something you’re not. Embrace who you are as a couple- I promise you will enjoy your time together more! And don’t forget, the slow and seemingly mundane nights together at home are not meant to be wasted. Grab a board game, or maybe your Goodwill Rook find, and pop in a frozen pizza. Keep reading to see J’s very important pizza favorites!!

J gives a big YES to:

1) Red Baron – 3 cheese

2) Newman’s Own – pepperoni

3) Freschetta – anything with meat

J says, “eh it’s okay”

Digiorno – the toppings are good, but everything else is eh

No no no no no no

Anything with cauliflower crust

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