wall to wall home details

J and I have been in our new home for almost 3 weeks now, and it feels like our list of projects will never be completed. In fact, it only keeps growing! But last night I tried to step back and notice the details, because the little things are worth celebrating! Plus you’ve all been asking! So take a look into our progress and some things we’ve already learned along the way….

Here’s a small look at our new floors, a couple of painted walls, and one of my favorite details- our accent door! I painted this white originally, but the room needed some spice, so I took a change. And we are super happy with how it turned out. Accent doors are apparently the new accent walls! Lesson learned: do not paint your door (or even your trim, walls, cabinets- honestly anything at all) without cleaning it thoroughly first!! Not only will the paint go on smoother, but you can rest knowing all that dirt and yuck isn’t just sitting under a layer of paint! Thanks to my sweet, attention-to-detail mother-in-law for this lesson :)

Also, many of you have asked… all of the paint is Sherwin Williams. These walls are “creamy,” the trim is “greek villa,” and the door is “passive.”

My favorite new purchase!! I searched online for hours for the perfect runner for our kitchen. I finally found one that added a little pop of color to our home – and also wasn’t too expensive. If you love it as much as I do – you can find it here !! Just a note, though, the sweet puppy is not included!

Pro tip: COLORS. I have picked a color palette of about 7 colors that runs throughout our whole house – but each room uses a unique combo of 3 or so of these colors. This concept helps your home avoid looking bland or, on the other end of the spectrum, overwhelming. It also helps keep a natural flow! One thing I have also decided to do is pick one bold color that I wouldn’t necessarily want as a huge piece of decor or painted across an entire wall, but one I can sprinkle across spaces to add some fun! So the color I chose is orange, and I feel like this rug has the perfect amount of orange to catch your eye but not steal the room. The great thing about choosing just one bold color for a handful of eye-catching pieces is it’s super easy to switch it out from season to season! Maybe orange one season, mustard the next season, and sage the next! The possibilities are simple and endless.

My kitchen goodwill finds!! I found this fruit bowl and this glass soap dish (it’s in the shape of a bunch of grapes) for $2 each! It has been a lot of fun mixing some of our nicer, new items with some inexpensive. thrifty finds!

I was honestly hesitant to post these two photos, because all I can see is the counters and back-splash that I want to replace. But I still love how all of these little items have come together! You can find some of the items from the second photo in the links below! (A lot of these pieces are from Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings collection at target. I LOVE all of her stuff. I also added some links for the collection’s items that are hiding in our cabinets!)

These storage cubes have traveled with me everywhere! From a book shelf, to board-game and art supply storage, and even a make-shift dresser in one home, this trusty unit has held many roles and really been worth the money! It is considered to be a “weathered grey” and it just blends so well with all of the pieces I have collected throughout the years. The bowl hiding in the back has been really versatile too! It has been used as a decorative fruit bowl, a salad/serving bowl, and it even held our thank you notes that still needed to be addressed and mailed for a few months. Luckily, now that I have started to figure out my style, buying new pieces has become much easier – when something catches my eye, I know immediately if it will blend well across different spaces in our home. See that golden tree?? It was a gift from my grandma back in high school, and it is actually meant for jewelry, but it has worked perfectly for hanging our keys so we don’t lose them!! If you are interested in adding any of these pieces to your home, check the links below! (P.S. I had been eyeing this mirror for years and stopped by to see it every time I went to target, so J bought it for me for Christmas this past year! Take notes, husbands.)

Like I said before, we’ve still got a long way to go. Soon I will post a before and after of our main living area, because we are almost finished painting! The transformation may be slow, but it has been something we are definitely proud of!

Final tips for fixing up and decorating a home –

  • Clean your floors before you lay new flooring down (once again, big thanks to my mother-in-law for this!) and pull out your oven and fridge to clean back there. Even if you aren’t laying down new floor, take a vacuum and mop to these sneaky places often! There is a lot hiding back there – trust me.
  • Get a puppy that matches your aesthetic – helps for keeping a space looking clean and taking cute photos :)
  • One room at a time. One room at a time. One room at a time.
  • Some of your projects will be for the aesthetic and some will be for functional purposes – try to find a balance between the two when prioritizing your to-do list!
  • A nice, deep cleaning can do wonders – give it a shot before taking any major steps.
  • Consider the resale value when making major changes. Yes, any changes that make you smile are worth considering, but if you can’t earn that money back when you sell the house, maybe sit on the thought for a week or so before taking any drastic steps :)
  • Speaking a selling your house! If you know you will have to make huge changes or purchases before you do put your house on the market – like a new HVAC, new carpet or paint, or maybe granite counter tops – don’t wait until you are going to put it on the market! If you can afford the expenses, make these changes early on, so you can enjoy them yourself!
  • Marry a maintenance man. This one is situational, but hey, I’m thankful for my handy husband!
tuck gives the house 4 paws up!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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