diy insect-repelling spray

This is the easiest bug repellent recipe! You just stir all the ingredients together and pour them into a spray bottle – For convenience, I linked the exact items I’ve been using, but there are tons of other options out there. And target or walmart should have the ingredients you need. After an expensive trip to whole foods, I just decided to find more inexpensive options on amazon and have been happy with all of them.

My first go around with this recipe- don’t do what I did and shop at Whole Foods. I promise there are cheaper options!

Of course this is for a small batch, but the math is easy to make more!

  • 1 tbsp vodka – the higher the proof the better (yes I mean for bug bites, but also maybe for drinks – haha)
  • t tbsp fractionated coconut oil – I will say this seems to be cheaper when you buy bigger quantities, and I think there are cheaper options out there, this was just the one I had. I’ve also heard you can even use olive oil, but I was skeptical. The purpose of this is to balance out the harshness of the vodka.
  • Essential oils – 20-30 drops but honestly I didn’t count
  • Spray bottle – I prefer the glass bottles because they are easier to maintain. Also, if you keep the bottles small (like 2 oz.) you can pack them when you travel!

essential oils

I have found the best oils to use where I live in South Carolina are citronella, eucalyptus, lavender, peppermint, and geranium.

You will definitely want to see which oils work the best for you and your living conditions. Just as a helpful starting guide, the most commonly used oils to repel bugs are citronella, peppermint, basil, lemon, lavender, eucalyptus, clove, thyme, lemongrass, patchouli and geranium.

ALSO – not all essential oils are created equal. The brand that I linked above has a great reputation for many reasons. Many sites list it as the number one essential oil on the market. There are many good choices out there, just be sure to do your research!

Remember, if all natural bug repellent sounds great but making it sounds not so great, you can find some on my etsy shop here.

Don’t forget to check out my easy recipes for making your own insect-repelling lotion and candles too!

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