wall to wall, part 2

Lately we haven’t spent much time on house projects. There has been a lot more time with friends, spontaneity, and me losing in rummikub to J. Seriously if you haven’t bought this game yet, you’re missing out. We can’t stop playing. Even when I’ve lost 5 consecutive games, it’s still fun. (Of course, not as fun as winning, but whatever.) This is what I woke up to on our fridge this morning…

The magnet was a nice touch. Thanks, J.

But we have made some progress. If you haven’t seen our updates up to this point, you can find them here. Since then efforts are slower but we have not stopped. And we have worked together along the way, which has been a fun learning curve in itself. I’m thankful for this house we have known for years and for the home we are creating within it. Check out some of our most recent projects!

If you would have told me a year ago that I’d be living in a green house with a yellow door, I would have laughed at you. Somehow, though, this combo seems to work perfectly together, and I’m so happy I took a wild chance. Now we just can’t wait to get the porch painted, because the black is so hot in the sun!
Hobby Lobby had a big sale and I’m not mad about it. Also we can’t seem to find the right place for this storage cube, but we don’t hate it under the tv! Plus it really looks great under the adorable “gather” sign I snagged at Hob Lob for only $8 – my weekly chipotle costs more than that!

Hopefully in the next couple weeks we’ll make progress on our bathrooms and the front porch. I am looking for the perfect pieces for our walls, so right now they’re pretty empty.

Having our home to design has been SO fun. I’m pretty sure I’ll still be working on projects by the time we’re ready to buy a new home. What is your favorite decor or design tip? Comment below!

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