Creative ways people in your life can help with your wedding

Asking people we know and love to help out with our wedding was the greatest decision we made. They made the door more comfortable for everyone and it was exciting for them too. Some of them we hired and some offered to help as a favor. I love how God wraps His greatest gifts as people.

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Day Coordinator

Our favorite organized friend, Hannah, who has planned entire high school summer camps for hundreds of high school and middles school students. A wedding was easy peasy for this girl. And I strongly believe she was better than any day coordinator google could have given me. She made the day so relaxing for me, my mama, and my mother in law. You know this is a miracle if you’ve ever had any of these roles. Look for people in your life who aren’t afraid to have hard conversations to get things done, who make their bed every morning, and who have lists for their lists.


Jessica and Allie. Allie and Jessica. I couldn’t say enough thank yous to these ladies if I tried. The details, the full story, the personalities, they captured all of it. Photography is important. “Experience with weddings” isn’t necessarily what I would recommend looking for. Find people who fit the mood. Who can make uncomfortable bridal parties feel more confident and casual in those group shots. And who know you and your spouse so they can bring out the uniqueness of your relationship in all the photos. It’s funny because they keep thanking us for “taking a chance” with them. Now look at them – they’ve shot multiple weddings in these 6 months since then during a freaking pandemic. They’re rock stars! Here’s the thing: we had talented friends who had captured every candid moment perfectly at our small group retreats for years. (Side note so you know how serious I am… they captured these pictures when James and I were broken up. Pictures that I will treasure forever and ever.)

Pastor or wedding officiant

We picked one of our favorite friends, Izzy. Choose someone to officiate your ceremony that knows what they’re doing and also knows you both really well. This was the best part of the day for me. Of course- it is when we actually became man and wife- haha! But I mean the whole ceremony… everyone talked about it for days. I don’t even really remember it because I was so happy and excited to be there- the whole day was a blur. But I do remember that Izzy knew what to do and say, and he also knew J and I both very well. He could connect with us and to everyone watching. I love stories and he shared ours well… pointing everyone back to the One who we have to thank for everything. Also – your wedding officiant probably isn’t as awesome as ours, considering Izzy told us a week before that he would love to also be our videographer. I mean, you can’t make this stuff up. Feel free to cry and laugh watching our video here and surround yourself with awesome people like Izzy.

Small Details

Makayla helped with family pictures. There were babies and grandparents and a dog involved. We needed more people. Actually she also helped with cutting the cake. And took a drink out of my hand before the DJ introduced us “for the first time as Mr. and Mrs. Burgess.” Get yourself a Makayla. We also had friends move the seating chart and guestbook from the cocktail hour spot to the reception. We knew our DJ and our ceremony musician. We had another dear friend who loves Jesus say the prayer before we all ate. A few others fixed the seating chart and flower fiascos five hours before the wedding. Family hosted the hospitality suite. And we even found people to take care of our dog. As in before the wedding, during the ceremony, during the reception, and even the wedding night slumber party. All different people. Ha Tucker is so spoiled. We are forever grateful. Just don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family for a hand. We love to show up for our people. It’s science. Or love. One of the two.

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