An Over-Watered Life

James and I went to Kansas for Christmas. Upon arrival, we learned that my brother is a crazy plant person. He’s got a small jungle in the living room. My plant reputation, on the other hand, was permanently scared when I killed an aloe plant and two succulents. Apparently the green thumb wasn’t equally passed down to us. None of this changes the fact, though, that I am determined (yet again) to grow green things and keep them alive.

Our house has one veteran plant that we’ve had for about a year, our grandma gifted us another one for Christmas, and I bought one last week. 3 living, leafy friends. So now I’ve done some research and asked around, and apparently the worst thing to do is over-water them. They need water to live … but also to die. Ok cool, got it.

It’s funny too because I think sometimes I go into January and try to “over-water” my own life. “Get in shape, save money, more self-care, more socializing, finally get organized, have house plants, finish house projects, find healthy meals, find affordable meals, meal prep.” The list of “New Year, New Me” goals goes on and on. And by February the plants are dead, the house is a mess, and I’m back to eating frozen pizza 4 days a week.

I don’t have a big solution. Nor do I have any tips for readers like a successful blog post would. But I figured I’m not the only one overwhelmed by the new-year-hype. Anywho, I’m just trying to go easy on myself this year. And my plants.

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