a welcoming home

Join us as we turn our new house into a home.

So we bought our first home – a home that we’re fortunate enough to have already shared so many memories in. One that grew with our friends as they went from a family of 2 to a family of 5. And now it’s ours. We are taking a house that belonged to some of our favorite people and turning it into our own Burgess home. A familiar space – rearranged and covered in new paint and new floors – but filled with the same sweet smiles!

wall to wall home details

Fixing up our home and bringing in our own style has been so fun! Slowly but surely, there is progress to be celebrated! It’s all in the details and lessons we have learned!

lessons from a non-gardener

Have you ever wanted to begin a new project without much knowledge, but also with the mindset of, “how hard can it be?” Or maybe you put something off for a long time, swearing up and down that you wouldn’t dare give it a try, but then one day woke up with an uninvited confidence […]

Follow along for more DIY projects, home renovations, and decor and design tips for creating a space people love to gather.

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